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Bondi Standup Paddleboard Shop & School started in 2009 by surfer Todd Mingramm [former WQS competitor.)

His coaches are the first fully qualified Standup Paddleboard (S.U.P) Coaches in Australia, made up of a combination experienced surfers and paddle boarders.

With a variety of options ranging from Flat Water beginner’s, Kids Classes, SUP Parties & SUP Rentals through the scenic Rose Bay and Watsons Bay, there is no one who can not benefit from Todd’s team who keep you fit during a fun & exciting experience!

All BSPS coaches hold all necessary qualifications and are all highly experienced Paddleboarders and Surfers.

All classes utilise the latest models and equipment so you are always getting the best gear to try.

We stock only quality brands, Our experienced and expert coaches can guide you the whole way on what board and paddle would suit you best making sure you make the right purchase!


SUP History

SUP originated in Africa where it was common practice for individuals to stand on their canoes and use their paddle to propel themselves forwards. This method was used by warriors in an attempt to conduct stealth attacks.

The contemporary form of the sport originated in the 16th century where Hawaiian surfers would surf on boards of up to 5 meters in length. These surfers used a paddle to operate boards that were otherwise unwieldy.

In the 1940s Waikiki surf instructors Duke Kahanamoku and Leroy and Bobby AhChoy began SUP as a way to stand on their boards during incoming swells, known as Beach Boy surfing.

In the 1990s SUP was taught at Hawaiian surf schools as an alternative way to surf when there was little swell. This practice became increasingly popular so surf instructor Brian Keaulana decided to add ‘’Beach Boy Surfing’’ to the world-recognized ‘’Buffalo Big Board Contest’’ in 2003. The response to this new category was overwhelming, with many recognized surfers choosing to partake.

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